(No Hydraulics or Special Connections)


Easy To Load - Very Little Incline

Watch How It Works: 
    EZ Load - Roll-Back Trailers
make trailer loading & hauling very simple and easy.   They can be towed with about any vehicle with no special wiring or hookups other than a standard 7-Pin Trailer Plug..  There are no heavy ramps to carry around or worry about falling off.  There is no special battery needed for hydraulics.  No electric motor, hydraulic pump or hydraulic lines to leak or go bad.
   The Trailer Angle is only 5 Degrees when Tilted.  Loading and unloading is very easy and damage free.  The incline is much less than a Rollback Tow Truck.  Non running cars, low race cars or any vehicle that has low ground clearance can be loaded very easily without the vehicle bumper dragging or hitting the trailer.   This is very important with newer cars because most have low bumpers, low ground effect panels or air dams on the bottom side of the car than can easily be damaged or torn off when loading/unloading.
   Trailer Operation is Very Easy:  1 - Set the brake that locks the trailer wheels.  2 - Release the lock pins.  3 - Back your truck as the trailer deck rolls back and tilts to the ground. 

 Once the vehicle is loaded on the trailer just pull your truck forward and the trailer deck moves forward and repositions itself and automatically locks in place.  These trailers are very unique and have many advantages over any trailer with ramps, hydraulic or simple gravity tilt trailers.

 "People are always amazed when they see a Rollback Trailer being used for the first time"

   Rollback Trailers are also a Great Replacement for a Commercial Rollback Truck when equipped with an electric winch.  They have many advantages and eliminate the maintenance expense and costly insurance associated with a Rollback Truck. 

  Our: EZ-Load "Commercial" Model comes equipped with a 12k Winch, a High Mounted - Flashing Emergency Light Bar similar to the ones on any Tow Truck or Safety Vehicle, a Hidden Group 24 Series Deep Cycle Battery that Automatically Charges off  the Tow Vehicle and Heavy Duty Wiring with Waterproof Switches.  






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